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Strain of the Week: SoCal OG




There are some feelings in this world that can’t be beat. For some it’s sex. For others, it might be getting a hard-earned raise, hearing your favorite song play on the radio, peeling the plastic off of a new appliance, seeing an adorably cute cat gif or pressure washing a really dirty driveway. Everyone has their “thing” that they enjoy—the kind of thing that defines the little things in life. One experience that is nearly universal includes waking up feeling well-rested on a Saturday morning. And of course, there’s a strain for that.

Reviewers call SoCal OG the “good morning strain,” and it’s known for its ability to enhance morning time meditation. Although it is an indica-dominant hybrid, it excels in relaxing the body but not overdoing things. Once you wake up and your consciousness reminds you that you have two full days of no work, and hopefully all play, take a dose of this strain to further get the blood flowing. Stretch out your sleepy limbs and get your day started off on the right foot.

Reviewers weren’t given any information regarding the genetics of this unique product(although we’re almost certain that there is definitely some OG Kush in there somewhere). But what we do know is that it is indulgent, gratifying and well served with a large, hearty breakfast. The bright green leaves of this strain will add to that addicting morning feeling of freedom. This strain packs consistent and welcomed results for those who may suffer from medical conditions such as anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, tension and stress.

The body effects are strong but won’t keep you locked to the couch (unless your plans are to watch Saturday morning cartoons). It’s the perfect time to get some exercise, feel productive enough to do things around the house, and then reward yourself with the best weekend of the summer.