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Strain of the Week: Headmaster



You’ve got to appreciate a good pun, even if it’s truly bad (we’re looking at you, dad jokesters). The name of Headmaster, while many might immediately think of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore in the realm of Harry Potter (or some might think of the more sexual connotations), does indeed belong to a strain. The “head” portion alludes to the effects that many strains can cause, which can feel like lightheadedness or fuzziness in thought. The “master” portion though, suggests that whoever tries this strain should probably be a seasoned consumer—but it’s useful for anyone who’s looking for balance.

The properties of Headmaster are pretty evenly split, offering a 55 percent indica and 45 percent sativa—so this strain is the best of both worlds, thanks to the likely parents of strains such as Headband or Master Kush. The sample that CULTURE reviewers received was a beautiful specimen. Vibrant and light-green colors dance in variation across the surface of the bud, connecting and weaving with burnt-orange pistils. To the touch, Headmaster feels dense and chunky with a fully filled out bud structure that’s just waiting to be broken up and explored.

Consuming this little beauty instantly transports consumers into a state of euphoria. Its scent (and therefore flavor) is sweet and earthy, which is intoxicating all on its own, while the strain entices the senses and works its way throughout the body. It immediately begins to take effect upon inhalation, introducing relaxation and relief into the body. Best of all, the effects continue for a good amount of time, so you have plenty of time to sit back and relax before you have to re-up again.

Headmaster is a pleasure both for recreational use, but it has been reported as useful for medical consumption well.

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