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Master Kush




Available at Hypeherbally in Everett.

Master Kush is a sight to behold. Masterfully dense, lime-green with splashes of purple, especially at the base of the leaves, which are heavily frosted with crystals. This flower was a perfect specimen of Master Kush. The flower smelled sweet and earthy, but was not overwhelming. After consuming this flower via water pipe, the flavor exhibited a slightly more pungent characteristic than the smell conveyed. The effect produced by this flower was pretty incredible. After consuming only a small amount, we found that this flower was impressively mind altering. The first thing you’ll notice after hitting Master Kush is an intense loosening of body and mind. A more relaxing strain, you’ll be hard-pressed to find—which is probably why people love this strain for help with sleep and pain management. Unless you’re a heavy-user, this strain may not be the best choice for anything that requires focus and concentration. Stick to relaxing activities and you’ll get the most out of this godsend of a strain.

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