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Strain of the Week: Riddler



It’s finally “Spooktober,” one of the most glorious months of the year where pumpkin spice is in full swing, and decorations are beginning to make their way up in people’s homes. It’s often called “Spooktober” because celebrating Halloween for only one night just isn’t enough. While thinking of which clever pun or superhero you want to dress up as this year (not that there will be many parties, or many trick-or-treaters, thanks to COVID-19), here’s an idea. The Riddler, a DC Comics villain that originally appeared in his first comic in October 1948, will once again be featured in the new Batman film, starring Robert Pattinson. Mull over this classic villain’s new role with the inspiration of a strain of the same name.

Riddle us this—is this your favorite new strain? The cannabis profile of this unique strain is full of questions, but it is bound to be a special bud to try this month. One of its parents is Platinum OG which, as you know, is a hybrid strain with a smooth smoke and a potent punch. It stems from a long line of OG Kush lineage, so you know it will go down in history. Its other parent is undefined, but reviewers hint toward an equally heavy hitting indica.

The creation of Riddler though has made a beautiful new terpene identity that you won’t want to miss (especially for those with a sweet tooth). The flavors of chocolate and berry cream dance delicately on the palate, while a rowdy mix of fuel enters toward the end. Reviewer’s samples were also immaculately harvested, dried and cured for maximum enjoyment. We’re thinking Riddler definitely got its name from its appearance—a dense, jungle forest of light and dark green hues.

Ultimately it always comes down to the effects though, and this strain really delivers on its potency (actually, reviewers called it “mega-potent” so that’s saying something). It’s useful in a variety of ways, and can be consumed in daytime or nighttime to assist with stress, appetite, pain or depression in some cases.

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