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Strain of the Week: Deep Sleep OG



When it comes to horror movies, filmmakers utilize the audiences’ phobias to truly strike fear into their minds. Fear of the dark, spiders, heights and even social situations are some of many fears that people experience every day. Horror films have many constants that define what truly scares a person, and the act of sleeping is often one of them—or rather, the act of being vulnerable. Sleeping scenes and dreams occur frequently, often posing a unique platform for the film’s villain to taunt its victims in dreams (which helps set up important plot points for later on in the film) or they might physically sneak up on them when they are unaware. If you’re prone to dreams that are often horrific in nature, or are afraid of what might happen to you while you’re asleep, you might need a dose of Deep Sleep OG to get you through the night.

Some can handle horror movies and others can’t, but Deep Sleep OG is perfect for anyone who just wants to fall into a solid slumber. As you may have surmised, this strain’s name is derived from its ability to bring on a slow creeping sleepiness. This is thanks to Deep Sleep OG’s parent strains, Larry OG and Bubba Kush. While Larry OG is a lemon- and pine-scented bud that is often used to treat pain as well as calm the body, Bubba Kush is a down-to-earth strain that reviewers said was one of their favorites to use as a sleep aid.

Deep Sleep OG is first described as not just dank, but specifically “dank dank.” Looking at its classic small pinecone figuration, the winding red hairs interlacing the nugs, and its tantalizing OG phenotype, visions of a superlative experience will arise. The samples in particular were trimmed to perfection and released an aroma of lemon and anise when ground up. Once consumed, effects begin to creep up slowly. Whether you decide to watch a scary movie or something lighthearted, you’ll likely not make it to the end of the film because you’ll be fast asleep.

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