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Cannabis Sale Predictions Made for Halloween



The developer of one of the cannabis industry’s first major seed-to-sale programs, Akerna Corp. has released new data on predictions for sales this Halloween.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, and many people are opting out of celebrating due to concerns about COVID-19. As expected, this will boost in-home celebrations for adults and according to Akerna, will lead to a sizable increase in cannabis sales, too. Akerna’s data revealed that average daily sales recreational cannabis on the Friday prior to Halloween would likely increase by 11 percent. On the day of the holiday, medical cannabis sales are expected to rise by five percent, while recreational cannabis sales might rise up to 14 percent.

“Historically speaking, Halloween tends to be the 5th largest cannabis sales day of the year,” said Akerna’s Business Intelligence Engineer, Ryan Ballman. “Over the two-day period, we expect cannabis sales to generate approximately $103 million nationwide.”

Among the companies other insights about Halloween affecting sales, it predicts that recreational cannabis sales receipts will probably reflect an average of approximately $74.48 per receipt, whereas medical actually lies close to $124.43. Cannabis products popularity remains similar to previous data, with flower being the most popular (41 percent), followed by cartridges and pens (35.3 percent), then concentrates (10.7 percent), infused edibles (10.4 percent) and “other” (2.6 percent). Sixty-five percent of customers are expected to be male, whereas 35 percent will be female.

Halloween is a popular holiday for imbibing in cannabis, although the act does get its fair share of opposition from parents who are concerned about their kids accidentally being given edibles. The warnings persist annually, however there are very few incidents in relation to kids and accidental cannabis consumption. Be sure to consume responsibly when eating edibles or smoking unique and spooky strains!

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