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Strain and Edible Reviews

Grape Ape
The first thing you might think when you view this 100-percent indica for the first time is, “But is it cannabis?” Starting with its dark lav




Grape Ape

The first thing you might think when you view this 100-percent indica for the first time is, “But is it cannabis?” Starting with its dark lavender color and fruity aroma, Grape Ape is undoubtedly one of the more unique strains around. The sense that you’re dealing with something entirely different continues when you smoke it. The flavor is strongly reminiscent of Concord grapes with chamomile undertones.

But don’t let its eccentric qualities fool you—Grape Ape is solid indica, producing a gentle, long-lasting stone that keeps you feeling relaxed but doesn’t make you want to lie down and call it a day. The botanical magicians at Mira Loma’s Inland Empire Patients Collective, where we picked up our sample, tell us Grape Ape is one of their most popular strains. With the recession in full bloom, it’s easy to see why: This is an outstanding stress medicine—perfect for relieving anxiety attacks, insomnia, headaches and other tension-related ailments.


Super Cristo

We’re a little embarrassed to admit to acting like kids on Christmas morning when we heard Greenhouse Herbal Center in L.A. had come out with a better version of its celebrated Don Cristo strain. We’re also happy to report that our excitement was well-justified—Super Cristo is phenomenally good, and exactly what one would expect from a descendent of the noble Cristo line.

Everything about this sativa-dominant strain is just right, from its rich, earthy perfume all the way to its heavy, almost psychedelic stone. The flavor alone is enough to recommend it—imagine the skunkiest skunk weed cured in dark Cuban tobacco and fine Columbian coffee. Super Cristo produces a powerful head buzz that wipes away pain without the sleepy side effects of mainstream medicines. Trust us on this one—this isn’t beginner’s pot, but rather a strain for the confirmed cannabis connoisseur.

The biggest difference we found between this strain and its parent is that while Don Cristo is meant to be rolled, Super Cristo is so rich and dense that it’s most definitely a pipe weed. Enjoy it while you can, because this baby is going to go fast.


Master’s Mistress

In our humble opinion, the little L.A. hub city of South Gate has yielded exactly two great gifts to the 420 community: Cypress Hill and South Gate Herbal Healing Center. It was at the latter that we found Master’s Mistress, a powerful indica-dominant strain descended from the Master X dynasty and destined to take the medical-cannabis world by storm. Full-bodied, sticky and amazingly dense, this frosted-green treat is exactly what you want when in need of strong and fast-acting medicine.

Master’s Mistress burns slow and clean, and while not the smoothest strain, its THC content is high enough that you’ll only need a couple of hits to feel its full effect. The stone comes on quick and all-over, and then lasts for hours—exactly what you want when you need relief from the gripping pain of cancer, arthritis, endometriosis and other afflictions. But it’s also so strong that you’d be advised not to reach for it if you need to drive or operate heavy equipment any time soon.


Purple Princess

From Calm Collective Wellness Center in Long Beach comes this indica-heavy descendent of the Grand Daddy Purple and Ice Princess lines. More dark-forest green than purple, the strain has densely packed nugs that burn fast and smooth, providing a rich, robust flavor with faint notes of raspberries. The stone is what you want from an indica—relaxing and deep, with none of the edginess that often comes with sativa-dominant blends.

The folks at Calm Collective describe Purple Princess as a potent medicine that will “put you on that couch in a nice, happy mood.” We couldn’t have said it better. Mellow and easy on the lungs, this is solid, no-nonsense medicine for sufferers of such afflictions as chronic muscle pain, PMS and migraines.


Ibeza Pizza

Start with buttery-fresh Italian pizza dough. Pile on all the right mouthwatering ingredients, including a spicy sauce, scads of mozzarella cheese and your favorite meat or vegetarian toppings. Add 2.7 grams of high-quality cannabis in an olive-canola oil-base. The result: One mightily delicious, medically enhanced pizza and yet another gastronomical wonder from Incredible Medibles.

Ibeza Pizzas created something of a stir among CULTURE’s staff as we competed over who got to sample them. The lucky winner was sent home to try them out and report back the results (Is this a great country, or what?). According to our reviewer, who sampled the Stoney Pepperoni and Veg Out varieties (other varieties include Irietalian Sausage and Fully Loaded), Ibeza Pizzas are potent, fresh and utterly delectable. Find them at Beach Cities Collective in Capistrano Beach or other participating cannabis clubs. Or ask for them by emailing


Peace Krispie Treat

From the Venice Cookie Co. line of medicinal desserts, the Peace Krispie Treat is a chocolate-drizzled puffed-rice cereal and marshmallow snack loaded with the THC equivalent of one-and-a-half joints. In other words, it’s both chewy and crispy and leaves you smiling and wanting more. The chocolate flavor easily masks that herbal cannabutter taste, and the air-tight packaging—a staple of Venice Cookie Co. products—will help keep police K-9 officers from following you home.

Edibles tend to require trial-and-error sampling to determine how much one should consume for individual needs, and Peace Krispie Treats are no exception. We suggest eating half a treat at first to see how it affects you, rather than gobbling the whole caboodle down and hoping for the best.