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Strain & Edible Reviews

Having traveled all the way from the Big Island to the Inland Empire Patients Collective in Mira Loma (with a few stops in between), this audacio





Having traveled all the way from the Big Island to the Inland Empire Patients Collective in Mira Loma (with a few stops in between), this audaciously unique sativa pops out of the medicine jar with something to say. What it communicates is pure cannabinoid pleasure—starting with its fuzzy, vivid-green aesthetics, continuing with its crisp, citrus-and-menthol perfume and taste and finishing with its mind-blowing stone.

Hawaiian is one of those rare phenotypes that’s perfect for newbies and experienced medical-cannabis users alike. Beginners will appreciate the smooth hits (helped by the fact that they’ll only need one or two hits to fully medicate), while the more practiced patients will love its potency and overall quality. Both types of patients will admire its medicinal properties—it’s great for migraines, stress and the affects of glaucoma.


Hindu Skunk

You have to wonder about a phenotype that comes on like a shot of morphine. Could it truly be “just cannabis” when two hits causes your speech to slur and your facial muscles to go limp? Apparently, it can. Hindu Skunk, an astonishingly powerful 70-30 indica hybrid that we found at Healing OC in Santa Ana, looks strikingly similar to the ol‘ red-haired sensimilla of days past. This baby is astonishingly powerful, combining the best qualities of the old-school phenotypes with the glorious miracle of modern botany.

Hindu Skunk is serious medicine, and we highly recommend you don’t try it while operating heavy (or even light) machinery. The first clue that you’re dealing with dynamite is when you pick it up—sticky to the touch, the buds have a weightiness to them from all that THC-packed resin. That’s what you want if you’re suffering from serious medical issues chemo-related nausea and chronic nerve or muscle pain.


Stinky Pink

From Herbal Elements in Costa Mesa comes this 100-percent indica that’s dense, potent and—yes—highly stinky. With a taste like grapefruit mixed with fine hash, Stinky Pink packs a fast-acting punch that comes on strong and settles into a decidedly euphoric stone. While most indicas provide what’s often described as full-body highs similar to sedatives, this phenotype produces both a body high and a full-on head trip. The combination makes Stinky Pink ideal for a broad spectrum of conditions, including anxiety, muscle spasms, arthritis and other types of chronic pain.

Another unique attribute of the strain is its denseness—it’s so heavy you almost wonder if there’s a stone in the middle of it (now there’s a play on words for you). We tried smoking it both rolled and in a water pipe, and found the latter to be the better way to consume it. Fans of vaporizers should also appreciate the strain’s weightiness—you’ll marvel at how many hits one load provides before cashing in.


Matanuska Mist

A fan favorite at Sunshine Holistic Patients Association in Long Beach, Matanuska Mist is one sneaky bastard of a sativa. It looks unassuming enough, and doesn’t quite smell like whopper medicine that it is—all leading to the uninitiated taking toke after toke before realizing what they’re getting themselves into. Matanuska Mist yields a powerful stone that sneaks up on you after a few minutes. Users frequently comment on this unusual characteristic, saying they weren’t prepared for such an intoxicating buzz.

Consider yourself warned, but also be aware that this is a delicious-tasting strain—earthy and sweet, like undertones of allspice. It’s a somewhat harsh smoke, so we suggest patients with respiratory ailments to consider vaporizing it. For sufferers of nerve and joint pain and chronic headaches, this is a good medicine to try.


Kushtown Cherry Lemonade

Edibles have come a long way since the days of the dirt-brown hash brownie that you had to hold your nose to consume. Take this delightful edible—or drinkable—from Kushtown Sodas: If you didn’t know it was enhanced with THC oil, you wouldn’t know it was medicine until it was too late.

Kushtown Cherry Lemonade tastes exactly like the best premium cherry lemonade you’d find in any store—in fact, we thought it tasted even better. Tangy sweet, crisp and refreshing, the only thing that stopped us from drinking two or three bottles was advance knowledge of its cannabis properties. Good thing, because 30 minutes after consuming just one bottle, those properties began to have their way with us. We found this and other Kushtown Soda products at Alternative Health Collective in Riverside, where they can’t stock the shelves with them fast enough.


THC Med-Strips

South Coast Patient Center in Santa Ana has a lot of good stuff to offer, so it took us a while to finally get to those THC Med-Strips we’d been eyeballing for months. Now we’re kicking ourselves for having waited so long.

The strips are taken sublingually—you put them under the tongue while on an empty stomach and wait for them to dissolve. In a half-hour to an hour (depending on your body chemistry and gender) the effect takes hold. Each strip has a ½ gram of hash oil in it, making the psychoactive effect equivalent to taking two 750-mg Vicodin tablets.

The delivery method and powerful pain-relief properties makes the THC Med-Strip the right choice for patients experiencing chronic pain and insomnia, but it’s a particularly good medicine for those suffering the debilitating effects of chemotherapy.