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Strain & Edible Reviews

Top Shelf Kush
From Nature’s Top Shelf Medicinals in Long Beach, this 65/35 indica-sativa hybrid possesses nearly all of the qualities of both varieties




Top Shelf Kush

From Nature’s Top Shelf Medicinals in Long Beach, this 65/35 indica-sativa hybrid possesses nearly all of the qualities of both varieties and somehow manages to be a smooth, balanced smoke at the same time.

New or light users may notice the sativa stone first—a slightly edgy feeling not unlike ingesting a shot of espresso. But wait 30 minutes to an hour for the indica to kick in, producing an intense and euphoric full-body buzz. It’s a powerful strain, weighing in with a THC content of 26 percent. Deeply relaxing, full-bodied and cerebral, you’ll feel every percentage point throughout the entire evening.

Top Shelf Kush’s dual properties make it an ideal medicine for migraines and broader conditions like HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, cancer and colitis. Apparently, this strain is quite rare, so expect to be allowed to purchase it only in gram and half-eighth quantities.


Top Shelf OG Diamond Label

Similar to Top Shelf Kush but heavier on the indica at 70 percent, this house strain of Nature’s Top Shelf Medicinals packs a powerful, full-body punch. It’s yet another descendent of the legendary Chem Dawg/Diesel line, a noble lineage you’ll taste with each hint—deliciously smooth and almost minty flavor, with slightly fruity undertones.

Billed at having slightly less THC as its Top Shelf Kush cousin, the strain’s stone nonetheless comes on fast and furious. This is chilling-out, winding-down weed, perfect for soothing nervous tension and insomnia, and even better for relieving migraine, arthritis pain. It’s also a reportedly great medicine for alleviating symptoms associated with cancer, glaucoma and PMS.

Nature’s Top Shelf informs us that OG Diamond Label is in scarce supply and limited to gram-sized purchases.


Cotton Candy Kush

You gotta love a strain name that could easily be the name of a pop band or porn star. How Cotton Candy Kush got its moniker is something of a mystery to us. While other reviewers insist it has a decidedly cotton candy-ish flavor to it, we found the taste of this sticky, frosted-green indica closer to toasted sesame seeds. It is, however, quite soft and cotton-like to the touch.

However it got its handle, this is one fast-acting phenotype, providing a luxurious, warm-all-over stone that lasts for hours. An extremely popular strain at Better Alternative Treatment on Melrose Avenue, Cotton Candy Kush’s quick-hitting buzz makes it excellent for treatment of migraines, insomnia and muscle and back pain.



The caregivers at American Eagle Collective in Eagle Rock are so proud of this descendent of OG Kush that they gave it the collective’s initials. It’s easy to see why. This 80/20 indica-sativa blend represents everything that’s right about modern cannabis—lovely to behold, easy on the taste buds and lungs and strong enough to sooth even the worst body and head pain.

AEC looks so pretty and smells so intoxicatingly rich—imagine the scent of deep, dark earth mixed with exotic spices—that it seems almost a shame to set it on fire. But once you do, it yields a remarkably powerful stone that builds and builds before reaching its plateau after about 20 minutes. Best of all, the high lasts about two to three hours before dissolving away without leaving that foggy sensation so characteristic of lesser bud.


Twice-Tainted Dolly Who Thrickie

A mainstay edible at South Coast Patients Center in Santa Ana, the Twice-Tainted Dolly Who Thrickie strongly resembles rugalah—a Russian tea pastry—in appearance and texture. Why not simply make some enhanced rugalah yourself and save money? Well, despite the fact that rugalah is an insanely complicated recipe, few would be able to come up with something as mouthwateringly delicious as a Dolly Who Thrickie.

Just about every edible will taste of cannabis, but the makers of Thrickies have somehow figured out how to make cannabis actually improve the taste. That weedy-green flavor magically blends in with the cinnamon, sugar and flaky pastry dough to produce a delicate taste that leaves you wanting more. Be forewarned, though: They’re called “Twice-Tainted” for a reason—a lot of THC goes into each and every one of these babies.


100 Grand Bar

Lots of cannabis clubs offer marshmallow/puffed-rice cereal edibles, but this one from Inland Empire Patients Group in Bloomington has the not-inconsiderable advantage of tasting delicious. Plus, it’s dipped in chocolate and topped with walnuts! AND it’s cannabis-enhanced, so you can eat half, get the munchies and then eat the other half!

The bar’s medicinal effect comes on very gradually, but when it does you’ll know it—it’s a syrupy, full-body stone that will stay with you for hours. That makes it a highly effective remedy for pain associated with diseases of the nerves, arthritis, muscle spasms and insomnia. All that chocolaty, marshmallow goodness doesn’t hurt either. If you prefer to ingest your medicine but don’t like the taste of cannabis, this is the way to go.