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Jack Herer by Love Humboldt LLC




This legendary strain always has been and always will be a definite crowd-pleaser. Jack Herer simply holds a place in cannabis lore as one of the greatest of all-time and this variety by Love Humboldt LLC at WILLIE’S RESERVETM  is a contender for the best around. The flowers from this plant really are a sight to see with a bright lime green color juxtaposed against a field of rusty colored hairs. “Skunky” is the first word that comes to mind when describing its aroma. However, one could smell layers of citrus as well. This strain offers a blissful, creative effect that is stimulating and perfect for a night out with friends or working on a project on a weekend afternoon. Also worth noting is the impeccable sweet pine flavor paired with mildly spicy notes that make for a well-rounded and unique flavor profile. Ultimately, the Jack Herer strain by Love Humboldt LLC available at WILLIE’S RESERVETM  is a unique take on a classic flower and is one that is worth sampling.

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