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Cookies Glue by Willie’s Reserve




Looking for a strain that will have you slightly glued to your couch while still providing surges of energy similar to a sugar rush? Sounds impossible, right? Wrong. The Cookies Glue strain by Beija Flor Farms, available from WILLIE’S RESERVETM, is just the hybrid for those looking for a balanced and relaxed body effect alongside a perfectly manageable and enjoyable feeling of euphoria. Cookies Glue is a combination of two of the most favorable genetic lines in all of cannabis with its mother plant hailing from the GSC genotype and its father plant hailing from the GG4 phenotype. The flowers themselves are an olive green color with light and furry amber hairs scattered underneath a coating of chunky crystal trichomes. The flavor yielded from this flower is a mix between piney and fruity, more similar to the flavor profile of GG4 than GSC. Overall, the combination of sedative and motivational effects from the Cookies Glue make this a great after-work strain, and with a THC content of 21.45 percent, this is definitely a flower that you shouldn’t pass up!

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