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Concentrate of the Week: Sour Maui PHO Sugar Wax




The state of Hawaii is broken into eight major islands and all of them are famous for their natural wonders and unique beaches. No single island is better than another, but Maui is often highly sought after for vacationers. Also called “The Valley Isle,” Maui is home to some of the most popular beaches in the world, as well as the scenic Road to Hana. Although a trip to Maui is always sweet, it’s advisable to experience it with a complimentary sour taste as well. Try a concentrate called Sour Maui PHO Sugar Wax and you’ll be enjoying those sweet and sour tropical flavors in no time.

Sour Maui PHO Sugar Wax is a beautiful specimen of concentrate that stems from the genetics of Sour Maui sativa strains. It is most commonly assumed that the parents strains are Maui Wowie and Sour Diesel—both strong, potent sativa strains as well. So when expert concentrate creators from Denver, Colorado crafted this sugar wax, they knew they had a golden opportunity. Not only does this sugar wax embody the purity of a beautiful golden sunset, but its crumbly nature creates a perfect “terpy” extraction.

Sour Maui wouldn’t be a Maui product without the scent of the islands. This particular concentrate is loaded with flavors, including a sweet, floral hibiscus taste paired with light, crisp apples. It’s enough to clear the mind and envelop the body quickly, because Sour Maui PHO Sugar Wax was found to be a powerhouse sativa worthy of work. In fact, reviewers found that it the effects resided mainly in their heads, inspiring strong feelings of productivity that could help anyone crush work, house cleaning, yard work or any other form of chore. For some, it may unleash a desire to be more creative and paint or write. For others, it simply produced an undeniable feeling of boogie boarding at a beach.