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Breaking Bad and MedMen Join Forces for Scavenger Hunt




To celebrate the Breaking Bad spinoff Netflix film El Camino, Breaking Bad and MedMen teamed up to participate in a scavenger hunt to find the character Jesse Pinkman, who is played by Aaron Paul.

El Camino will debut on Oct. 11, and can be found on streaming services. To help promote the Netflix film release, Breaking Bad’s official Twitter account released geographic coordinates on Oct. 6 of where to find a clue for the “Hunt for Jesse Pinkman.” The first clue took hunters to a well known cannabis store.

“Smoke it if you got it, but see Badger if you don’t. 21+,” a cryptic tweet read, giving the coordinates to the first clue. The first clue led hunters to a MedMen shop located in West Los Angeles, California. There, fans could get a poster signed by Badger, who is played by actor Matt Jones. The character Badger, fittingly, is an avid cannabis consumer and meth dealer in the show. Some scavenger hunt winners who were able to locate the MedMen shop received tickets to the new film’s premiere.

Some of the other clues led hunters to non-cannabis-themed locations. Subsequent clues took fans to a Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, as well as other locations in New York, Illinois, California and New Mexico.

Netflix has used cannabis shops to promote other series or films. Recently, the network launched a cannabis pairing promotion with Alternative Health Herbal Services to promote projects including the former series Disjointed, as well as Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development and Bojack Horseman. In that promotion, specific strains were released to pair with certain Netflix shows.





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