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Strain of the Week: One Punch OG




The term “One Punch” could mean a lot of things. It could be used to refer to a cup from a punch bowl at a Halloween party. Or it could refer to an animated TV show featuring a man who’s both invincible and the strongest dude on the planet (aka One Punch Man). The phrase could more obviously be identified as a physical hit that knocks a fighter out, whether if it’s in an official boxing fight or just during a tense moment outside of a bar. But in the case of cannabis, One Punch refers to an potent strain that could most definitely knock you out for a while.

One Punch OG, as its name suggests, is high amount potency and produces an overwhelming scent of sweet earth and skunk. This is likely because this batch of strains often comes covered—and we really mean covered—in white trichomes. This gives the strain a frosty exterior, dusting all of the pine-green leaves from top to bottom. In terms of beauty, this strain is naturally very appealing. In between that frosty layer are bright orange leaves that jut out all over. But if just looking at this strain doesn’t do anything for you, then give it a whiff. 

Most of all, this strain is well-known for its immensely strong properties. CULTURE reviewers described the effects of this strain is “like taking a direct hit to the temple from Floyd Mayweather.” Saying that this strain is “potent” is just the beginning. Apparently, a single dose of this strain sent reviewers straight to the nearest flat or comfortable surface to sit on. It immediately begins to cloud the mind and quickly relaxes the body as it works its way downward. For seasoned consumers this is a perfect choice for an after-work body relaxer, which is especially helpful when treating anxiety or chronic pain.