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2018 D.I.Y. Halloween Strain Costumes



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]A[/dropcap]lthough the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace, the stereotypical Halloween costume ideas have not. Ditch the long-haired hippie, the boring 420 nurse and other “stoner” outfits in favor of a costume that is much more clever. It’s simple—pick one of your favorite strains and find a way to mash it up into a costume that’s worth celebrating! If you’re stuck without ideas, try a few of these below or check out CULTURE’s suggestions from last year.

Girl Scout Cookies

With all of the real Girl Scouts selling their cookies outside of dispensaries nowadays, the organization has made quite a name for itself. Find a teal/green sash and decorate it with cannabis “badges” (i.e. cannabis leaf, a bong or a joint). Don’t forget a box of cookies! You’ll get extra points for bring some edibles to your party.

Strawberry Cough

The strawberry portion of this costume idea is easy! Grab a red shirt (and red pants/shorts if you can find any) and draw little black seeds all over. Next, you’ll want to play off the “cough” card by utilizing tools for illness. Think a thermometer for your mouth or a medical cough-prevention mask. Have an ample number of tissues on hand, and voila!

Holy Grail

Take notes from a page in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and dress up like an ancient medieval knight. You know, long white robe, chainmail—the whole nine yards. Carry two goblets, one that’s golden and luxurious and one that’s humble and unappealing. Propose party goers with a choice between the two. If they choose the golden goblet, tell them they’ve chosen poorly (maybe even put carrots or something undesirable inside). But if they choose the humble goblet, give them something great (like cannabis)!

Cartier OG

This costume is an easy one. Take a page from any Cartier store and wear silver and blinged out garb. Definitely don some fake diamond rings and necklaces, or maybe even find a cane with something sparkly on top.

Lemon Fuel

Similarly to the Strawberry Cough costume above, it’s time to take advantage of the obvious appearance of lemons. Draw lines on a yellow shirt to imitate a lemon rind, or draw individual circular lemon rinds. Carry around an empty gas can and add a little bit of lemon extract to it so the scent matches the theme. Lemon + Fuel = a delicious combination.

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