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Strain of the Week: Dom Perignon



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]W[/dropcap]hen it comes down to cannabis or alcohol, the choice is very clear. Cannabis typically isn’t habit-forming and has multiple benefits, while alcohol has many drawbacks. However, the world still has a love affair with classy, expensive alcohol. Take Dom Perignon for instance—a type of champagne that is synonymous with both high social status and quality. Usually, bottles of this beverage range between $150-$200 for just a few measly glasses of the stuff. You can buy more cannabis and it will probably last longer than a bottle of this stuff. However, if you marry Dom Perignon champagne as the epitome of class and wealth, and figuratively mix it with cannabis, you’ll get this—a Dom Perignon that’s cheaper but comes with great benefits to boot.

Little is know about Dom Perignon’s lineage. Perhaps it stems from another alcohol-related strain such as Champagne Kush. It’s truly vintage in the sense that this strain is rare but worth seeking out. This is mainly because of its delicious flavor profile. Think a rich, dark red wine mixed with sweet berry undertones. Together, these flavors create a unique combination that is perfect when paired with a hearty meal or a sweet dessert.

CULTURE reviewers see this strain as a true cannasseur’s flower. The exterior is dense, dark-green and covered in sparkling trichomes. Sparkling to the point of effervescent, it has the feeling and taste of high-end, top-shelf cannabis.

Definitely an upper, inducing energy, perkiness, positive vibes and dare-it-be-said happiness. Like one pops a bottle of champagne open to serve, delight and impress your friends, Dom Perignon is a strain of cannabis that you will want to pack a bowl with and pass around to the delight and admiration of your friends.

Dom Perignon is a vintage champagne that is served at the finest and most prestigious restaurants and homes. If cannabis were federally legal, the same could be said for the strain version of Dom Perignon too.

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