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Dom Perignon




Available at Green Light Discount Collective in Sylmar.

Dom Pérignon is a vintage champagne that is served at the finest and most prestigious restaurants and homes. If cannabis were legal, the same could be said for this excellent proprietary strain from the Green Light Discount Collective in Sylmar. Dense, dark-green and dank smelling nugs covered in sparkling trichomes exude a fruity, sweet juicy aroma. This is a true cannasseur’s flower. Sparkling to the point of effervescent, it has the feeling and taste of quality cannabis. Definitely an upper, inducing energy, perkiness, positive vibes and dare-it-be-said happiness. Like one pops a bottle of champagne open to serve, delight and impress your friends, Dom Perignon is a strain of cannabis that you will want to pack a bowl with and pass around to the delight and admiration of your friends.

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