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Strain of the Week: Crystal Champagne




Valentine’s Day—a.k.a. Saint Valentine’s Day (or the Feast of Saint Valentine), the day of love, single’s awareness day, the day after “Galentine’s” day—is here. Show love for your significant other, or show love for yourself. There’s no wrong way to go about it. The stereotypes of Valentine’s Day are many, and the whole idea turns people off to the idea. There are a few tried-and-true ways to celebrate any holiday though, and that’s with a little champagne and a lot of cannabis. This week we’re looking at Crystal Champagne—a delightfully romantic and subtle strain that will bring you ample happiness.

A name like Crystal Champagne conjures up images of luxury and refinement, but it also really represents a most fortuitous cross of crystal and champagne OG strains. This strain tends to be on the rare side at times, and was said to be found at a dispensary aptly named “Love Shack.” Crystal-based strains tend to be hybrids that sometimes evoke unique, meditative effects. However, the Champagne side of the genetics pool focuses on indica strengths, offering a more heady effect. Crystal Champagne collects the best of both worlds, making it a very chill, very relaxing experience.

Loaded with sparkling white crystals, the compact and solid nug was dense and bright green in color with long wavy red hairs (and a multitude of frosty and “bubbly” trichomes covering the exterior). Although there is definitely a hint of a champagne flavor, it mainly manifests a flavorful citrus taste and aroma with a piney aftertaste. This strain is known to produce stimulating cerebral effects, but seems to work synergistically with the human body to produce a very pronounced body rush. This is truly a potent strain that most will find provides a refined high experience.