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Girl Scouts Sell Hundreds of Boxes of Cookies Outside Dispensary




In the grand tradition of cookies pairing perfectly the munchies, some Girl Scouts in Chicago, Illinois sold hundreds of boxes of cookies outside of a local dispensary.

According to Chicago Tribune, the sales took place outside of Dispensary 33 in the Uptown neighborhood of the city. The owner thought that cookie sales would be the perfect fit to go with the purchase of legal cannabis. Reports indicate that the Girl Scout in question sold an estimated 230 boxes of cookies on Feb. 9 outside the shop.

Some may be skeptical about whether Girl Scouts members should be allowed to sell cookies outside of dispensaries, but the organization tends to be more accepting than, for example, the Boy Scouts of America. The people in charge of the troop of Girl Scouts selling in front of local businesses are completely fine with Girl Scouts choosing a legal cannabis dispensary as a place to set up shop. “Our girls sell from everywhere—outside of movie theaters, grocery stores,” said Girl Scout Public Relations Manager Britney Bouie. “And now, if they’re selling outside of legal and aboveboard dispensaries, that is A-OK.”

In fact, even more Girl Scouts plan to sell in front of Dispensary 33 on future dates in light of this recent success. And it wasn’t just the Scouts who benefited from the partnership. On Feb. 9, Dispensary 33 also sold out of their Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Of course, Chicago is not the first city to have this idea. Girl Scouts in Colorado have also sold cookies in front of dispensaries, and so have some Californian Girl Scouts as well. But it’s no surprise that Chicago picked up on this trend, as they’ve already been getting creative with their cannabis sales ideas; the city is currently considering permits for cannabis street vendors. The industry in Chicago is clearly off to a great and creative start.