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Strain of the Week: Ancient OG



For years, post-apocalyptic books and films have attempted to predict how the world could end. From zombies to the planet Earth “attacking” its most harmful inhabitants, aka humans, there is a fascination with the theme of “what if?” Some of these ideas include an ancient power awakening beneath the Earth’s crust—whether it be Godzilla emerging from the deepest depths of the ocean, or a population of lizard people reemerging onto the surface. Forget the exaggerated-yet-fascinating plots of authors and filmmakers, and touch something ancient for real. Like Ancient OG, for instance.

Realistically, cannabis could be considered “ancient.” Evidence of its use in rare archeological finds reveal that our ancestors found use for it in numerous ways, just like we do today. Ancient OG is a particularly proud indica-dominant sample. One of its parents is assumed to be a popular Iranian landrace strain. Strains in that family usually have down-to-earth scents and flavor. Think of earth, spice, pine, with perhaps a hint of citrus. All of these are enhanced once consumed, and a finishing touch of sweetness rounds it all out.

Ancient OG’s parents are also known for their flower’s beautiful hues of purple and orange. Ancient OG’s most dominant coloring is orange with an abundance of pistils jutting out of its exterior (and a variety of green hues to fill it out).

Most importantly though, Ancient OG is a hard hitter. It has a clean smoke that leads to a hearty cough, which shows signs of it being well-flushed. Soon after partaking, CULTURE reviewers experienced a relaxed, euphoric feeling for both the body and the mind. It provides a perfect balance between the cerebral and physical effects. There are few better ways to settle down the nerves of anyone worrying about the end of the world—a bit of ancient medicine will put your mind at ease.

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