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Strain of the Week: AMG




Everyone likes a good acronym. It offers up a sense of mystery if you don’t immediately recognize what an acronym stands for. In cannabis, there are tons of great acronyms that have taken on their own identity and as a result, stand for something pretty special. ATF (Alaskan Thunder Fuck), GG (Gorilla Glue), GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) are just a few of these classic strains—but there’s always room for new strains to add to this list. Enter AMG, a beautifully fresh little nug that has a lot to offer!

If you haven’t already guessed, AMG most commonly refers to the name Amnesia Mac Ganja, which according to reviewers, is likely the child of Amnesia and Mexican Haze. Amnesia is a sativa-dominant strain that contains very high levels of THC, and Mexican Haze also lies on the sativa spectrum. Together they produce AMG, with an estimated 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica variety. To say that it’s an energy powerhouse is an understatement!

The sample of AMG that CULTURE reviewers got our hands on was dense but vividly demonstrated the suppleness and freshness of the smoke quality that was later experienced. Its exterior was completely saturated with medium and dark green coloration, and a layered weaving of burnt orange pistils. Reviewers were blown away by the overall presentation and described it as nearly perfect.

When describing something as fresh, it’s easy to start thinking of lemons—and AMG is full of it in regard to flavor. Offering a borderline lemon meringue sweetness, it only made the testing phase of the review become even more enjoyable. The onset of AMG is rapid; first it is felt behind the eyes, and it moves upward toward the mind. There were some minor cerebral effects taking place in the beginning, but they soon subsided. Instead, the final body effect made reviewers feel like they were gently swaying back and forth, propelling both inward introspection and an outward physical connection.

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