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Concentrate of the Week: Blueberry Sauce



For those who love fruits and sweets, there is nothing better than a highly concentrated fruit reduction. This usually creates a thickened sauce or compote, which is often used as a topping for ice cream or tarts, among other delicious desserts. For fruit, it requires cooking fresh or frozen fruits of your choice along with a combination of sugar, a thickener like corn starch and sometimes a fruit juice to really amp up the flavors. What’s interesting is that reducing fruit on the stove is not unlike creating a cannabis concentrate. With heat, cannabis flower can become a highly potent reduction, and it offers a whole new unique flavor profile as well. This week we’re exploring Blueberry Sauce, a beautiful little morsel of concentrated crystals swimming in a delicate sauce.

Some say that the Blueberry line stems from strains like DJ Short Blueberry or OG Kush, the former being a hybrid of fame and the latter is known to contain an old-school cannabis flavor that reminded CULTURE reviewers of the flavors of a Santa Cruz landrace strain. Blueberry aptly describes its aroma well—with a pairing of pleasant sandalwood and fresh blueberries, tasting this is like having a berry pie at a picnic in the woods. Reviewers reported that Blueberry products often creep up on people upon consumption, letting that wave of sweet smells wash over them while they relax in ultimate euphoria.

Blueberry Sauce, aka the concentrated version of Blueberry, combines all of the potent indica properties of itself in strain form and amplifies it tenfold. The result is a juicy powerhouse concentrate that will knock almost any consumer’s socks off. The diamond-like crystals are high in THC content, and gave Blueberry some citrus and pine-like flavors. This combination offers a pleasant intake with full-bodied relief for those looking to treat certain medical conditions. It’s ideal for heavy relaxation, given its high THC potential as a long running indica.

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