Pug’s Breath by Lucky Devil Available at: Green Token Cannabis in Tacoma.

It’s easy to enjoy looking at flower almost as much as consuming it with this Pug’s Breath. The classy glass jar comes with a stainless steel lid, with a lens in the center of the lid so you can see the gorgeous flower—magnified. And you’ll want to get up close and personal with this flower. The large, perfectly formed bud is thick with crystals, emerald green leaves and dark orange hairs. This hybrid strain has an array of fragrances, from bread to diesel. It’s easy to imagine the scent of this strain wafting from a sweet little smash-faced dog’s mouth. The CULTURE team used a water pipe to sample this gorgeous flower and found the flavor to match with the fragrance, with hints of earthiness and a more forward pungent flavor. The effects of this delightful flower offered an intense calming ability, accompanied by a blissful glee. At 27.87 percent total cannabinoids, it’s as efficient as it is lovely.

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