Purple Kush Available wherever: WILLIE’S RESERVE™ products are carried.

When it comes to true love, it’s clear to see that WILLIE’S RESERVE™ has a sincere passion for the cannabis plant. A token of this deep affection is the brand’s perfectly packed flower, like this top-shelf offering of Purple Kush. Like all strains under Willie Nelson’s official cannabis brand, this Purple Kush was hand-selected and came available in either one-gram bags or eighth-ounce jars. We opted for the eighth, as we know to expect the utmost quality in terms of appearance and effects from these perfectly cured buds. Grinding up the Purple Kush filled the room with a powerful berry and kush aroma that reminded us of Nelson’s hit, “Always On My Mind.” Let’s just say that we knew this strain was going to leave a lasting impression. Experience this Purple Kush for yourself, and you’ll know why flower is the heart of WILLIE’S RESERVE™.

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