Ingrid CO2 Cartridge Available wherever: Coda Signature products are carried.

Coda Signature strikes again! The Ingrid CO2 Cartridge is a multitude of wonderfulness. From taste to effect this cartridge has it all. Ingrid is a result of OG Cheese x Hashplant, two big shot strains with strong indica effects. When you buy a Coda cartridge, you get a pen and a battery, all of which are easy-to-use. After our battery was charged, we twisted in the cartridge and eagerly got down to it. The pen worked beautifully, and flavors of cinnamon and pine came through from the initial tokes. The effect was euphoric and really just the perfect high. Although the effects are indica-dominant, a few puffs didn’t wreck our day; however, when we used it later that evening before bed, we noticed we slept deep and hard. We love that Coda’s products are free of harmful solvents, cutting agents or additives, providing us with a product we feel good about vaping. The entire cartridge contained 86.3 percent total cannabinoids and 81.29 percent THC. Each package will tell that batch’s specific test results. Coda Signature keeps giving great products, and we keep loving all of them!

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