Concentrate of the Week: Vader Glue

Following the annual Star Wars Celebration 2019 last weekend, fans are excited to embrace to soon-to-arrive Star Wars content heading our way. Disneyland is opening its themed land this summer, right on the heels of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker releasing this holiday. The franchise has evolved a lot since Star Wars Episode IV released in 1977, and the cannabis industry has definitely taken note of its influence. Strains and concentrates have embodied a variety of Star Wars themes, but none are more potent than Vader Glue.

Two very famous strains, Vader Kush and Gorilla Glue #4, come together to create Vader Glue. A name that aptly describes the physical manifestations of being “stuck” because of this product’s very indica-dominant properties. Which is no surprise, considering that Vader Kush is an equally potent indica. Gorilla Glue #4 on the other hand is also known for its strength, but more toward the sativa-dominant leaning side of the spectrum. As a result, Vader Glue both contains the potency of a traditional indica, but without the out-of-this-world head effect that might couchlock most consumers. A cliché is necessary in this case—the force is strong with this one.

CULTURE reviewers tried out Vader Glue in concentrate form. This particular cut was a sticky but beautiful sample. It was a telltale amber gold with a unique terpene profile (traditional skunky diesel flavors apply).

Vader Glue is many things, but beginners should not seek out this concentrate until they have more experience or tolerance built up first (or they might risk being glued to the couch for an extended period of time). However for those who are prepared for the task, they’ll find a lot of enjoyment and relaxation from consuming this concentrate. Those who are seeking relief from conditions like insomnia or chronic pain will be especially happy.

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