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Concentrate of the Week: Sour Tangie THCA Powder



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]HCA, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound that has not been decarboxylated. Although more research is needed to learn about THCA, what is known so far is that it has been found to have antiemetic properties that assist in the treatment of many conditions such as nausea or appetite loss. THCA can be found in a multitude of forms, such as crystals, transdermal patches, and classic strains. This week CULTURE reviewers gave Sour Tangie THCA Powder a try.

The sample was a plain and simple sativa, thanks to its parents Sour Diesel and Tangie. Sour Diesel is a sativa that is known for its ability to bring on feelings of euphoria and mood-boosting quickly, while Tangie is also a sativa with similar properties that rose to power in the 1990s. Sour Tangie’s potent sativa background leads the way for numerous uses in the medical community, as well as those who just need a pick-me-up. The strain Sour Tangie stems from one of many unique sativa cannabis strains that provide energy, focus and boosts to creativity.

Sour Tangie THCA Powder is, as its name obviously suggests, a powder. It’s not the kind of product that is dabbable, however, it is more commonly consumed in a vape pen, or put in a bowl to dramatically fortify the potency of flowers. In fact, testing results noted that this powder contained 95.23 percent pure THCA. Many patients utilize products like this one to help treat pain, inflammation, tremors and insomnia, to name a few.

One of the best parts is that despite which method a patient may choose to consume this unique sativa, it’s safe for everyone. It has been lab-tested and is solvent-free, not to mention the pleasant, slightly sweet and sour citrus has a smell that comes with it.

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