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New Data Shows Legal Cannabis Potency is Decreasing in U.S.



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]D[/dropcap]ata introduced by Confident Cannabis exhibits that—among other interesting insights—the overall potency of THC in the cannabis found in legal states is beginning to decrease.

According to an article on the data from Benzinga, overall average THC potency is declining slightly nationwide. This may at first seem confusing since many dispensaries brag about having the highest-potency THC available. However, because of the tourist market and overall demand for microdosing, there is a big market for low-THC cannabis and CBD. “CBD is becoming even more popular than ever, and more products are being created to focus specifically on that cannabinoid or to balance out THC strains,” the report explains. “This, too, is a potential factor in the slight decline of THC potency overall.”

Taking Oregon as an example, the study found that high-potency cannabis was higher in the price range and that the cannabis that rated the most popular aren’t necessarily always the highest in cannabis potency, and is instead more in line with strain-specific crosses and other details. “Nationwide favorites like Mimosa and Gelato take the number one and number two spots, tracking along with the rest of the U.S., the study explained regarding favorite strains. The number three spot goes to EM Dog, a much lesser-known strain, despite being created by B Real of Cypress Hill alongside Humboldt Seed Organization. Kush varieties took the number four and number five spots.”

However, this data is from just one study on cannabis throughout the country. A different study conducted by Pew Charitable Trusts in August 2019 suggested that getting data on legal cannabis can often be hard to trace, meaning there are plenty more studies in progress with results that have yet to be analyzed. Regardless of how potent cannabis is, sales are on an upward trajectory and the demand for cannabis isn’t going anywhere.

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