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Concentrate of the Week: Mochi Nugrun Shatter




If you have a love for interesting desserts, then you have probably tasted mochi before. But for those who do not know, it’s a rice-based ice cream treat that hails all the way from Japan. Although rice is more commonly used in savory dishes, this particular recipe requires that the rice be pounded into a paste, and then stretched to a desired thickness, similarly to texture of dough. This “dough” encases freshly made ice cream, making it a small, bite-sized treat that is pleasant but not overwhelming in flavor. CULTURE reviewers ran into a concentrate called Mochi Nugrun Shatter, and while it doesn’t resemble the ancient Japanese dessert, its flavors certainly do!

Mochi is an unsurprisingly excellent cross between Gelato and Sunset Sherbet. Despite being named after the smooth Italian dessert, Gelato is a beautifully looking strain that yields indica-dominant properties that will bring on euphoria and relaxation, but not quite enough potency to knock you out for the night. Sunset Sherbet is also a popular favorite, offering similar indica-dominant effects in the form of full body relaxation and relief from pain. In strain form, Mochi is well-known for it’s extra purple and dark-green appearance as well as it’s ultra indica properties.

One of the things that stands out the most when it comes to Mochi Nugrun Shatter is its terpenes. Reviewers noted that the smell of this product can “instantly verify that it’s Mochi,” including its famous creamy, berry and gas aroma. But when it comes down to the effects—consumers better watch out! This concentrate packs a serious punch, as its high-quality solvent extraction leads to knockout indica effects. Reviewers noted that its hyper-clean distilled form is “next level,” and that many patients are choosing to inhale products like this one to treat major pain symptoms while also eliminating the need for smoke or irritation of raw flowers.