Strain of the Week: Jerry Garcia

Ever heard of the Grateful Dead? Of course you have. The decades-old band is well-known for its fusion of multiple genres and it’s success earned the group was given many awards and honors, including it’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The group’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Jerry Garcia, was renowned for his musical talents and is ranked as the 13th of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” He was also CULTURE’s cover story celebrity in April 2016, where we spoke with his daughter Annabelle about his life and dedication to his craft. “He sacrificed pretty much everything to keep playing because that’s what he understood best. He wasn’t really cut out to be anything else other than this creative exultation of music and spirit. It’s pretty awesome on that level. He’s my dad but he’s also this positive force for so many other people that you kind of separate the two in your head a bit,” she told CULTURE. Long story short, Garcia was a force to be reckoned with—and any strain that represents itself with his name is bound to be successful as well.

Reviewers who tried the Jerry Garcia strain noted that it’s just like attending a Grateful Dead show. It’s an experience, and a unique one at that. The strain often envelops a room not with the smell of weed and diesel, but that of flowers, peach tea and the slight aftertaste of rosewater. It’s inherently nostalgic for all who consume it, much in the way that a campfire might remind you of days long past.

The effects of this strain are also nostalgic in the way that any classic strain usually is. It brings on feelings of relaxed daze, and as reviewers noted, makes movies way more enjoyable than they are normally. This particular sample of Jerry Garcia contained 27.32 percent THC and a bevy of indica properties. Consumers will note a whole body effect soon taking place after consumption begins which will almost definitely give you the munchies (so make sure you have some snacks on hand). Other than relaxation, patients also rely on the effect of Jerry Garcia to help treat insomnia or anxiety, among other conditions.

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