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Concentrate of the Week: Kobe Live Resin




Recently, Kobe Bryant and numerous other individuals passed away in a helicopter crash. There’s no way to sugarcoat news like this. While people die every day, Bryant was well-known and widely loved for his competitive talent in the NBA, and those who looked up to or admired his legacy were deeply saddened by the news. As the world mourns the passing of many individuals, we present a slighter sadder concentrate review this week. Not to make light of a bad situation or to benefit from loss, but to honor their memory in some way. CULTURE reviewed a concentrate sample of Kobe Live Resin a while back, and felt it fitting to talk about it here.

Kobe was a legendary all-star, known especially well for his time spent playing with the Los Angeles Lakers in the California basketball scene. Our reviewers consider both his memory, as well as this particular sample they were lucky enough to get their hands on, to be rare and beautiful. The concentrate stems from a cross strain between Kobe (which has ties to LA Confidential) and Purple Punch. In strain form, Kobe grew to contain a bright and sweet scent, not unlike that of syrup. That sweet flavor was paired with a fruity grape taste that is frequently seen in quality cannabis products.

But in concentrate form, reviewers said that the sample actually looked a little like a wafer of pristine glass, with its very lightly, barely white form. The Live Resin was crafted with care, was created by using fresh cannabis buds (versus dried cannabis buds) and contains a notable amount of THC as a result. Reviewers likened the experience to “a buzzer beater that makes crowds go wild” and claimed that with a concentrate like this one, we’re all winners.