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Concentrate of the Week: Clementine Live Resin




Although the fruit known as a clementine is usually in peak season between November and January, it is pretty easy to find them at grocery stores year-round. It’s a good thing too, because nothing quite beats a succulent bite of a citrus fruit quite like a clementine. Interestingly enough, clementines actually contain a good number of terpenes that we find in cannabis, mainly myrcene, linalool and ?-pinene. This makes it a perfect candidate to name a concentrate after, as seen with Clementine Live Resin.

Of course, this Live Resin does differ a bit from the unique fruit it is named after. In strain form, Clementine is usually dense, heavy and colored with a bright lime-green hue. It’s often covered in shiny trichomes, along with the occasional burgundy pistils jutting through. More importantly though, the strain is both sweet and sour. It smells heavily of orange and lemon, which really drives home the presence of that limonene terpene. CULTURE reviewers actually likened the strain to tasting an orange soda with a hint of lemon—and it’s a perfect way to start the day, too, because this is a heavy hitting sativa.

As a Live Resin though, this product takes on a fresh new identity. Clementine Live Resin is actually the child of a cross between Strawberry Cough and Banana Kush. Often enough, a combination such as this one creates the popular strain known as Strawnana. The merger creates a concentrate that embodies a soft, candy-banana flavor with a hint of strawberry and citrus notes. To say that it’s a pleasant explosion of flavor is an understatement! The particular sample that reviewers received was well-made; it was a shatter sample with no bubbles or impurities. 

Once consumed, it evaporated clean and pure with high-intensity levels of THC. A shatter like this one would be the perfect way to stay productive while in quarantine, especially when the high temperatures outside keep you indoors.

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