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Strain of the Week: Fancy Pants



Cannabis has made an amazing transformation over the decades. This industry went from operating through illegal black market businesses to a rapidly thriving industry that covers most of the U.S. and many parts of the world. While today the industry survives by adhering to strict regulations and professionalism, it is OK to have a bit of fun occasionally. After all, aside from medical cannabis, that is what recreational cannabis is all about. When CULTURE reviewers got our hands on a strain called Fancy Pants, it became clear that we were in for a good time. 

Interestingly enough, there is evidence of hybrid parentage of Fancy Pants. Its lineage points to the strain Old Spice (often associated with the comical commercials of the men’s body care line) and Ben Gay (a strain with a name similar to the topical pain reliever). Old Spice, which likely stems from the classic strain Spice, is a spicy smelling hybrid with fruity undertones and effects that were reported to provide pure relaxation. Ben Gay on the other hand is a bit of a mystery. Based on its name alone though, it can be concluded that Ben Gay is often used for medical purposes. Together, a frilly spice-and-fruit concoction mixed with the serious we-mean-business strength, created Fancy Pants.

CULTURE’s sample was a large, medium-dense light green nug that almost smelled like our favorite lucky marshmallow cereal along with a hint of black licorice. It was fresh, pliable and semi-moist, allowing it to break up easily for use in a bowl or joint. If you choose to break it down with your hands, you’ll find that this strain has excellent resin production. Reviewers found that upon smoking Fancy Pants, the strain began to take effect almost immediately. It relaxed the mind and quickly spread throughout the body. It’s the kind of strain that is best used to experience limp limbs and euphoria.

Whether you’re using Fancy Pants for medical or recreational purposes, there’s no doubt that you won’t feel “fun and fancy free” after giving this strain a try.

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