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Swiss and Israeli Companies Partner to Bioengineer Cannabis Strains



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]A[/dropcap] Swiss cannabis company and an Israeli genome analysis firm have partnered to design varieties of cannabis tailored to their customers’ needs.

NRGene and Pure Cannabis Research AG have joined together to research cannabis strains and create hardy strains that are easy to grow.

Israel’s NRGene uses algorithms to map the genomes of plants. Its software platforms have been used to assemble the first complete wheat genome and has mapped other genomes successfully, being adopted by companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta. Pure Cannabis Research AG is part of Switzerland’s Pure Holding Group and contains the largest cannabis infrastructure in the country. The companies will be using NRGEne software to sequence different cultivars.

“The recognition of the importance of cannabis in specific and hemp in general is growing globally, whether for a plethora of medical problem or as a valuable, renewable resource with many eco-friendly uses,” said Dr. Gil Ronen, CEO of NRGene. “Cannabis is being increasingly recognized as the most viable solution for many health problems, and we’re gratified that we can contribute to people’s well-being.”

The project will eventually map the genomes of all of the strains of cannabis and look for the key markers that will provide genetic sequences for the cannabis strains. The information will be studied and new strains created with sturdier plants that have custom cannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid profile.

“We’re at the forefront of providing safe, non-addictive, CBD-based products for tobacco alternatives, beverages, cosmetics, and other uses for the Swiss and European markets,” said Stevens Senn, CEO of Pure Holding Group. “NRGene has refined the process for identifying key genetic traits across virtually any species of plants, so we are partnering with them in order to support our breeding program and develop plants with any trait that is biologically possible to best serve the international and national markets with new varieties.”

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