Strains for Singles—A Guide to a Happier Valentine’s Day On Your Own

Valentine’s Day splits people up into two distinct groups—those who are in some sort of relationship, and those who are not. For those who are currently single, there are no expectations—no money spent on fancy dinners or expensive chocolates, no worries about sexual performance in the bedroom—but this isn’t an article about how to avoid feeling lonely if you don’t have a Valentine. Instead, this is dedicated to those who simply want to consume some cannabis, feel confident in their own skin, and continue to be strong despite not currently being involved in any relationships. You do you! And that means that you should embrace some of these strains that are bound to lift you up, no matter which day it is.

Blueberry Dome: This pleasant mixture of nutty and minty flavors, mixed with the sweet taste of blueberries will awaken both your body and mind. It’s the perfect strain to pair with ice cream or other sweets that we may or may not have bought from the V-day clearance section at Target.

Kosher Kush: If you feel the need to forget life for a while, Kosher Kush is the way to go. It’s a powerful strain that packs a lot of THC, allowing you to let down your inhibitions and feel comfortable just being you.

Future Berries: A strain like this pairs well with the “Treat yourself!” motif from Parks and Recreation that we all deserve. Get a whiff of this earthy, berry-scented strain  and allow yourself to become ultimately relaxed—maybe even get a massage or other spa treatment that is long overdue.

Triangle Kush: Sometimes in order to move on, you just need to pick yourself up, get motivated, and try an indica dominant hybrid like this one. A strong sense of euphoria will allow you to focus on happier memories,

Dosidos: It’s girl scout cookie season which means it’s near impossible not to scarf down and entire box of those sweet treats.

XJ-13: We mention this strain a lot, and that’s because it’s just so useful when it comes to providing THC and CBD. Clarity will help you make better decisions, and will also assist in helping you enjoy things you love, like binge-watching a new TV show on Netflix like Disjointed.


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