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Strain of the Week: OG Kush Breath



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]M[/dropcap]ost consumers rate cannabis strains by strength. On one side of the spectrum are indica strains, known for their desired effects and often referred to as a “heavy-hitter.” Long known for the reason that couch-lock exists, strains labeled as heavy indicas are extremely useful. On the other hand are sativa strains, which boost the levels of energy, focus and creativity. But a mutual strength between both of these properties results in some very use hybrid varieties. OG Kush Breath (OGKB) is one of the highest regarded hybrid strains, offering a potent medicine for a variety of reasons. No wonder it’s CULTURE’s Strain of the Week!

Any strain that contains “OG Kush” offers a traditional strength that has been bred and cultivated for decades. It’s no surprise that OGKB retains all of that reputation—and more. It is said that OGKB stems from parent strains Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookie (a sativa and an often indica-dominant hybrid, respectively). Both of these popular and reliable parent strains were bred to create a powerhouse hybrid.

Although cultivation methods differ depending on the region, this particular strain of OGKB was provided to CULTURE in Michigan. There, reviewers discovered that the plant was grown with a unique, cocoa-based soil that provided a subtle chocolate overtone. This sweet factor worked well with the overall floral and earthy taste that OHKB is known for.

OGKB is one of the strains that contains a surprising kick. Reviewers reported that this strain quickly brought on powerful head and body effects—one that isn’t recommended for beginners. Only seasoned consumers should lean on this strain for their medical needs. Fortunately, once a person’s tolerance is acceptable, they’ll find that OGKB has got the proverbial skills to pay the bills. Patients looking for relief from medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea and appetite stimulation.

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