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Jerry Garcia Cannabis Line to Drop in November



The family of late Grateful Dead frontman, Jerry Garcia, is honoring the memory of the famous musician by releasing an exclusive new cannabis product line.

Garcia Hand Picked is being launched by Garcia’s daughter, Trixie Garcia, and marketed by Holistic Industries. “We picked Holistic Industries based on shared values, a proven track record of successful operations, scalability across multiple states and their ability to launch and market new brands; not to mention, they have a senior leadership team full of Deadheads,” Trixie says. The idea behind the branding is to use new genetics to improve tried-and-true strains that were popular around the time the Grateful Dead was initially touring, including Chemdog, SFV OG and Fire OG.

The featured products are made up of pre-rolls made from recycled paper, including a glass tip featuring Garcia’s handprint. Jerry’s Picks, a line of edible gummies in the shape of guitar picks, will also become available. Products are paired with playlists of Garcia’s music to enhance the overall experience.

Holistic Industries CEO Josh Genderson claims the product is “a fun and authentic way while leveraging the unwavering popularity of the Grateful Dead, demonstrated by a new generation of fans and recent brand collaborations, to create what will be one of the first truly national brands in cannabis. We went to great lengths to ensure every aspect of this brand is of the highest quality, from plant genetics to packaging design.”

While the initial plan was to launch the line over the summer to go along with festival season, the launch date was pushed due to COVID-19. Garcia Hand Picked is set to launch this November in California. An airstream trailer featuring “merch, music and magic” will make the rounds in California, spreading the word about the new products.

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