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Ice Cube Launches New Cannabis Brand



Actor and longtime musician Ice Cube unveiled a new cannabis company, Fryday Kush, in partnership with Caviar Gold on February 14.

“We got cones, high-potency buds, and some of the strongest nugs on the market,” Ice Cube announced via Tweet after unveiling the details of his new brand. Early testing data stated that the products contain 46.2 percent THC and 10.78 percent CBD.

The new product line will only be sold in Arizona, California, Nevada and Oklahoma during its initial launch.

Themed after the cover art on Ice Cube’s 1990s-era record The Predator, the new brand carries an old-school style that makes it stand out from other celebrity cannabis brands.

He’s also not the first rap legend to get into the cannabis game. Berner, 2Chainz, Freddie Gibbs, Lil Wayne and Jay Z, just to name a few, have also launched similar cannabis brands. Hip-hop star Master P launched a cannabis brand a few years ago, but is now involved in a $25 million lawsuit with his partner for the company.

Fryday Kush is presented by Caviar Gold, and the product’s site claims that Ice Cube “personally developed the cannabis. About the process, the brand describes their technique as “the unique proprietary process of adding 98 percent pure liquid THC to marijuana makes the strongest & highest quality flowers on Earth.”

Caviar Gold is a brand that is already known for celebrity partnerships. The company has worked with Kevin Smith, the director behind classics like Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob, who began with three products containing Caviar Gold-enhanced cannabis in 2019: Snoogans, Snoochie Boochies and Berzerker.

While there is no shortage of celebrity brands in the cannabis sector, so much so that it can often feel saturated, the unique branding and flavor and effect profiles of each product are fun to compare.

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