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Concentrate of the Week: Strawberry Crack Shatter




The strawberry growing season, like all agriculture products, has a window. Some windows are large, others are more slim. In southern California, strawberries tend to ripen in spring around late March and ship out to stores in April. In regions like northern California, this tends to mean a summer window is better for harvesting the fruit at peak ripeness. These unique little fruits are aromatic and there’s no mistaking the scent of one. As we say hello both to spring (and also the loss of one hour, depending on where you live) there’s nothing that epitomizes this time of year more than strawberries do. Enhance your craving for fresh, juicy strawberries with a product like Strawberry Crack Shatter this spring and summer.

Strawberry Crack was about when crossed with parent strains Strawberry Cough and Green Crack. Strawberry Cough is a sativa that is known for its ability to create focus in those who consume it. Likewise, Green Crack is also a sativa-dominant strain that helps provide energy to help get things done. As a result, Strawberry Crack has long-lasting energetic effects.

This sample had little initial aroma and vaped up hyper-light yet super-potent, with mouth-watering aftertastes of sweet berry, grass and resin. The source flower was subject to solvent extraction and a heated vacuum-purge resulted in this highly refined, pure resin, resulting in a beautiful amber-yellow specimen.

Strawberry Crack Shatter is a type of cannabis resin that’s brittle to the touch and multiple times as potent as raw flowers, making it suitable for extremely serious conditions like multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. Patients use shatter with special water-filtered pipes called dab rigs, and on bowls and in joints or vape pens. So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up this spring, look no further than Strawberry Crack Shatter—it’s got the flavor and the qualities to improve your day tenfold.