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Concentrate of the Week: Blurple Shatter




Do you ever get that feeling that a regular word sounds weird? That you’ve listened to it and understood what it meant your whole life, but somehow become hyper aware that it sounds like nonsense? Words like “punch” or “doodle” might feel like that sometimes. A word like “blurple” might also give you the same feeling. It is clearly a combination of blue and purple, probably often used to refer to the softer blue hues on the verge of purple. In the cannabis sense, Blurple Shatter it is used to describe cannabis products made between two very popular strains.

Blurple is a special shatter concentrate that CULTURE reviewers got their hands on a while back. It’s said to be the culmination of the strains Blue Dream and Mendocino Purp, Blue Dream is a hybrid that is on everyone’s mind when it comes to light cerebral effects paired with full-bodied relaxation. Mendocino Purp is also a hybrid that is well-known for its uplifting effects. Together, Blurple was born, and it has plenty to offer to medical and recreational consumers.

Since the review sample was in shatter form, reviewers got an up close and personal look at its beautiful blonde shards. The second thing you might notice is its “purple” smell—which is most definitely a thing. That sort of grape-ish and berry scent wakes up your senses and is basically a sweet dessert treat. This particular sample was crafted by Infusiasm and distributed by LivWell. So much that there is a lot to wax on, poetically.

Upon consumption, Blurple yields mental clarity that you may have never experienced before. Add an adrenaline rush and you’ll feel like a genius playing Jeopardy. Consumers might feel a bit light-headed, but it won’t stop you from smiling more than a court jester. Expect plenty of giggling and fun times to follow.