The Medical Marijuana Telethon

Long Beach’s wacky Found Theatre is known for such hilarious atrocities as Donner Party: The Musical, Hitler in Love and Cirque de Stupide. Most of the productions have a pop-culture message skirting along the underbelly of the slapstick (One Tit Wonder was about company co-founder Cynthia Galles’ battle with breast cancer—one that she eventually lost).  

This time around, director Virginia DeMoss takes aim at the attacks on medical-marijuana patients and dispensaries, and uses a raucous TV telethon set in the Kona Gold Ballroom of Hawaiian Gardens as the backdrop for some mind-blowing Mary Jane mayhem. Emcees Edna McMahon and Dr. Kenny Kushner do their part to rally the crowd around an Obama-esque slogan, “Yes We Cannabis!” Lounge-roomy acts and skits from the likes of Musty Springfield and Charo—as well as evil anti-dope messages from Sarah Palin (who tries to turn us against this “other tea party.”)—are a riot. We also get Girl Scouts and stoners and off-the-air foibles, all in the name of promoting “a co-op on every street corner and affordable ‘medijuana’ for every man, woman and child in America.” 

As the show’s creators say, “it’s a lot cheaper than universal healthcare—and, heck, you won’t even care that you’re sick!” So dial (666) BONG-HIT—or better yet, drop by and see this gang of ganjafied goofballs yourself and support the cause. (Stacy Davies)


What: The Medical Marijuana Telethon.

When/Where:  8:30 p.m. Fri-Sat through May 22 at Found Theatre, 599 Long Beach Blvd. (at 6th St.). 

Info:  Call (562) 433-3363, or visit $12-$15. 

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