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Pleasantries in Paris




With all the blooming flowers and warm weather, Paris softens in June—especially for the millions of cannabis enthusiasts in the City of Light. Yet, June is also the month when Paris feels like it is just starting to rev up for summer’s spirited outdoor energy.

Truly, visiting Paris in June is a delight, with the temperatures in the 70s and the throngs of summer tourists not yet at maximum level. This is when locals get out of their tiny apartments and start relaxing as the city’s music, arts and summer festival scenes are jam-packed full of some of the year’s best plein air concerts and events.

Plus, many cannabis-loving Parisians are still celebrating the win of France’s new President Emmanuel Macron. Although he does not fully support legalization, Macron did promise to ease France’s restrictive possession and smoking laws. This means the French’s “smoke-but-don’t-tell” philosophy not only still applies, but gives medical cannabis patients ever more courage to be forthright about their consumption.

Where do you stay when visiting one of the most expensive cities on the planet? Paris hotels can be costly—especially in spring and summer—so millions of visitors to the City of Light choose to live like a local and rent an apartment or rent a living space through online marketplaces and hospitality services. However, renting apartments and living spaces through websites like Airbnb can be dicey. Remember to ask any host in Paris about such important details as noise levels both day and night as well as things most Americans take for granted such as more than one toilet, dishwashing machines and laundry facilities.

One of the coolest happenings in Paris this June is the now annual We Love Green Festival, which features folk, pop and electronica music. Held on June 10-11, this year’s eco-friendly We Love Green Festival takes place in the Bois de Vincennes. Rock to the sounds of Cali-French music artist and cannabis activist April King on June 6 for an evening of transcendental hip-hop, house and astral jazz featuring French jazz sax master Julien Lourau at the stylish Club Rayé.

Fun-Filled Facts

—Paris is home to approximately1,803 historical and contemporary monuments, and over 150 museums.

—There are a total of 10 Statues of Liberty in France, five of which are located in Paris.

—The famous bell that sits atop Notre Dame Cathedral is so heavy that it weighs over 13 tonnes.

If You Go

With France’s new President Emmanuel Macron campaigning to soften cannabis laws, cannabis culture in Paris seems set to get even more enjoyable. C’est vrais: Any form of cannabis is illegal to grow, possess, smoke or ingest, but Parisian authorities mostly look the other way (as long as you consume respectfully and nowhere near police stations, hotels, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, monuments and the like). Also remember, French consumers predominantly smoke hash mixed with tobacco rather than pure flowers. Traditional European spliffs are almost always mixed with tobacco (and sometimes straw), so buyer beware. Still can’t find any meds while in Paris? Use your nose. If you smell it, ask a friendly bartender, musician or just take a stroll along the Seine River. You are more than likely to run into some consumers enjoying a spliff on a warm spring evening with a view of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Time to Go: June

Weather: High 70s, low 50s

Budget: $$$$

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