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New Poll Shows Similar Number of Cannabis and Cigarette Consumers




According to a new survey conducted by Gallup, cannabis consumption and cigarette smoking are almost equally common practices today.

The data shows that 12 percent of people who were surveyed stated that they are cannabis consumers, and 15 percent said that they smoke cigarettes. The percentage of those who smoke cigarettes is also at an all-time low, specifically its lowest point in the past 75 years following a downward trend. In the 1950s, 54 percent of the population said they smoked cigarettes.

Most vapers, however, do not smoke cigarettes, and many claim they are former smokers. Also, despite cigarette smokers being less likely to consume the wealthier or more educated they are, there is no such correlation with cannabis. “Marijuana use largely transcends socio-economic boundaries, except that far fewer postgraduates use it compared with all other education groups,” the study explains. “It is more popular with the 20-something age category than all others. However, marijuana use drops off less sharply by age than does use of e-cigarettes. It remains above 10 percent among those aged 30 to 64, only falling to single digits among the 65-and-older set.”

The report also made some observations about cannabis legalization as well.  “Meanwhile, legalization of marijuana is on a roll at the state level, and could eventually earn federal support,” the results indicate. “At the same time, the explosion in the sale and use of hemp-based CBD oil could strip marijuana of some of its medical appeal, while the mass legalization and production of marijuana could hamper its social appeal.”

The research Gallup polls had been bringing in over the last few years has been incredibly positive. Results includes everything from how more Americans than ever are trying cannabis to the fact that national support for cannabis is rising.