National Support for Cannabis Continues to Grow in New Poll

As more and more states welcome cannabis legalization, it may come as no surprise that overall support for recreational and adult-use of cannabis has been on the rise as well. Earlier this month NBC News and The Wall Street Journal conducted a poll in which 900 adults were asked where they stood on cannabis legalization.

Sixty percent of the 900 participants expressed support for the adult-use of cannabis. It’s a noteworthy increase from the 55 percent of adults who said they supported cannabis legalization in 2014. The poll broke down its responses in categories of age, political affiliation and gender. 73 percent of democrats responded in favor of legal cannabis, coincidentally it was the exact same percentage of millennials who agreed with recreational use. Republicans, on the other hand, only had a support of 43 percent, with Trump voters coming in at 37 percent in favor.

The difference in opinion between men and women was most striking in the age group consisting of people over 50 years old. Sixty-four percent of men answered in support of legal cannabis, while only 57 percent of older women agreed. This gender gap was almost nonexistent when looking at the responses of men and women under the age of 50. Only a difference of one percent as men were in favor at 71 percent and women at 70.

With the majority of Americans understanding cannabis not only as a medicine, but as safe for recreational consumption, voters can expect to see more state elections with cannabis regulation proposals. In this year’s upcoming election, states like Michigan and Missouri are on the route for placing cannabis legalization on their ballots. In the first month of 2018, the nation has already witnessed Vermont’s legislature green-light recreational cannabis and the beginning of California’s legal sales for adult-use.

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