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Gallup Poll Shows More Americans are Trying Cannabis




A recent study from the Gallup Poll reveals that more Americans than ever are admitting to trying cannabis.

Currently, 45 percent of U.S. adults admit to trying the plant at least once in their lives. This is the highest percentage of people to admit such a thing since 1969, when the poll first started taking data. Last year’s poll revealed pretty high numbers as well, with 43 percent owning up to the fact that they have tried cannabis, but this year has last year’s numbers beat.

Gallup also found that there is a rise in Americans who actively smoke cannabis. 12 percent of Americans, or one in eight, claim that they smoke regularly. This number has doubled since the same question was asked in 2013.

It appears clear that these rising numbers are tied to the social and legal acceptance of cannabis in the U.S. The study also shows that there have been fewer arrests and incarcerations for cannabis since some states began to legalize, legalize medically or decriminalize.

Gallup discovered that those ages 30-49 are most likely to have tried cannabis, with ages 50-64 at a close second. Surprisingly, millennials and the younger generations are not the biggest consumers of cannabis in the country. The poll also discovered that cigarette use is still prevalent despite cannabis being more accepted, with 17 percent of people admitting to being regular cigarette smokers. The poll findings are based on looking at the habits of 1,021 adults scattered across all 50 states.

It is evident based on these findings that people feel more comfortable using, or admitting to using, cannabis in this day and age than in previous years. Those who are older and lived much of their lives during prohibition seem especially willing to embrace the new social acceptance of cannabis.

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