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New Cannabis Strain Finder Mobile App Cannacopia Aims High



cannacopiaThe founder of the Morpheus P2P file sharing application, Michael Weiss, recently announced his that his new company called Nature’s Dream. With it, Weiss has unveiled his plans for a new mobile app called Cannacopia (available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for Android) which helps cannabis users find the best strains based on user preference. Users can input their desired mood, physical effect, medical conditions and preferences of taste into the app, and Cannacopia does the rest of the work to recommend the perfect strain.

In a press release, Weiss stated that he’s positive that Cannacopia will be the next popular app for the cannabis world, “Cannacopia is a lot like Yelp, but for the cannabis crowd, and it’s free,” he stated. The app searches through over 7,500 different cannabis strains, which helps the solve the problem of which cannabis strains to try, where to find them and for how much. As with most review sites, users can rate the strains they try and share advice and comments regarding how well they worked for their desired experience. The app simplifies the experience with only four buttons to touch to choose their preferences.

The cannabis industry is expected to explode once the results of the upcoming elections are posted. With that news, business owners in the industry are prepping for an exciting time, “With global legalization of marijuana on the horizon, our technology will shape the future of mass market marijuana and revolutionize the way people search, shop, and consume legal cannabis products,” said Weiss.

Larry Rosner, one of Weiss’ partners for Nature’s Dream and a former software executive, easily summarizes the desired Cannacopia experience, “With other cannabis apps, you need to type the name of each specific strain to see its effects, a daunting task when searching through hundreds of strains. Cannacopia evaluates the percentages of each effect in the strain enabling you to ‘dial-in’ thousands of combinations of desired effects to find the one perfect for you. No other app does this, and you can’t even search Google to find these results.”

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