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Massachusetts-based band Lettuce is Inspired by Cannabis



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]F[/dropcap]unk is a music with a style all its own—and it has enough energy and good vibes to brighten anyone’s day. Lettuce knows this, and the band members have dedicated their lives to jamming out, playing funk and spreading the good word. They are also fans of cannabis, and have a lot of exciting things coming up on the musical horizon. CULTURE spoke to Lettuce about its current plans and how cannabis has impacted the band so far.


What inspired you to play music that pulls from funk influences, and how did you all first get started playing together?

We met when we were really young; most of us were about 16 years old when we met at a summer program. I think that we all have been heavily influenced individually by funk music on our own. We met each other at this summer program and everyone else was playing all these other kinds of music, but we were really interested in playing funk with each other; that’s where our bond really started to grow.


You mention a lot of unique hip-hop and jazz influences on this new record. How did that come about, and what are some of the themes of the album?

I don’t really think that that’s anything new to us at all. On our first record we recorded Herbie Hancock tunes and we recorded a tribute to J Dilla on Rage. So hip-hop has always been a huge influence on what Lettuce does. Maybe, like hip-hop, generation is what separates us from the early funkateers.


What are you most excited about when it comes to your current tour? Where are you excited to play?

I’m most excited to get to Blue Note [jazz club] in New York and do our extended run of five days there. Growing up in New York and now that I’ve moved out, it’s going to be nice to come home and visit family and be in one place for a week. And not have to move our instruments or anything like that and really really get into something over the course of that week. I think that will be really memorable.


Do you have anything exciting in the works when it comes to writing, record, etc.? Any announcements?

We are working on our new album right now. I think we have one last tune to mix before we go into mastering. I think that this record will be one of two or three parts. I really think that this is our best recording that we’ve ever done. I think it sounds incredible. It was recorded and mixed by Russ Elevado, who’s one of the most famous engineers in the world. I’m really excited for people to hear it.


Have you ever worked cannabis into your music as a theme? If so, how?

We have silly names that we’ve named our songs that have themes of cannabis and THC in them. As far as anything else, I mean, there is no musical way of sounding like cannabis. Cannabis is meant to enhance what you feel, how you receive things, maybe put you in a place of a non-judgment and allow you to be free and explore musically.

“Cannabis is meant to enhance what you feel, how you receive things, maybe put you in a place of a non-judgment and allow you to be free and explore musically.”


How has cannabis impacted your lives and/or creative processes?

Creatively, I believe I just answered that question. As far as in my own personal life–I have a form of severe reactive arthritis. Cannabis through the years has really helped me with coping with pain and having a better attitude in general with my disease and getting better.


How do you feel about legalization so far? What could be done better or differently?

I think it’s beautiful what’s happening right now. The country is changing; the attitude of the youth I think is becoming a lot more prevalent. I think that it’s silly for it to [only] be medically legal; I think that it should be recreationally legal everywhere. It’s your right as a human being to pursue happiness, and I don’t think it’s harming anyone. It’s a huge American tax crop. You can tax it and have better schools and better roads in your community, and there ya go!


What is your favorite strain or cannabis product?

My favorite strain is the Lettuce Funk strain it can be found at Denver Kush Club, Denver Colorado in Five Points! Go check it out. It’s the greatest of all time.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Keep your dabs terpy and low-temperature.


Band Name: Lettuce

Genre: Funk

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Most Recent Album: Witches Stew


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