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Liv Tyler Incorporates CBD Into Her Skincare Routine




In a skincare tutorial video for Vogue, actress Liv Tyler revealed her 25-step (yes, you read that correctly) routine to achieve the best look. Among the list of products was a dropper full of CBD oil from Lord Jones Royal Oil, which the actress uses to treat anxiety.

“So that’s where Liv Tyler gets her Elven glow,” reported MarketWatch. According to a tally by The New York Post‘s Page Six, the full list of products would cost $1,715.49—which would be out of reach for the average income. The CBD oil “doesn’t make you feel stoned at all,” Tyler explained. 

Tyler acknowledged that it seems like everybody is jumping on the CBD bandwagon—especially in the Hollywood circuit. “I know everybody’s talking about CBD oil … and I definitely suffer from anxiety,” Tyler said. “I get really nervous. I guess my job’s kinda scary and it’s hard not to be nervous sometimes, [with] public speaking and doing anything that’s out of your comfort zone.”

Tyler went on to explain that her father, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, is also a fan of skincare given the fact that he’s 71 years old. “When I go visit him, I usually spend half the time in the bathroom with him, just going over products,” she added. “He’s got his whole bathroom filled. But if you look at him, he’s turned 70 and he has the most beautiful skin, and it’s because he takes really good care of it.”

One of Tyler’s most memorable early moments as a young woman was starring alongside Alicia Silverstone in her father’s controversial music video for “Crazy” in 1993, during the peak of Aerosmith’s fame. Today, Silverstone also supports luxury cannabis products, as evident in a luxury cannabis party for Beboe she attended last year, also covered by Vogue. Given the background of her father’s partying ways, nobody is surprised that Tyler and her friends have no qualms about using CBD products.