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Universal Inspiration with Lizzy Jeff




Lizzy Jeff’s love affair with self-healing and scribing inspirational hip-hop poetry has set her unique music apart from the rest. Finding inspiration in the universe, and accenting all of life’s thrills, Lizzy’s music is enlightening, fun and good for the soul. Her focus is on introspective lyrics, healing through music and cannabis, as she also happens to be a cannabis business insider. We chatted with her about her musical career and her love of everyone’s favorite plant.


How did you get started making music?

I actually recorded my first song in the studio the same week I started working in the cannabis industry. I was studying sound at the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles and was so inspired by what I was learning; I was ready to make some hits! I hit up my brother Slim Jeff to see what he was up to musically, and he invited me to spit a few bars on his classic mixtape, The Chill Tape Vol 1. From there, we started performing with a live jazz band at different residencies and backyard kickbacks all over L.A. We had a damn good time and hosted some damn good functions.


How do you feel about the hip-hop scene locally and worldwide?

Locally, the L.A. hip-hop scene is really dope and filled with some great West Coast representatives, [and the] same worldwide. I’m personally ready to see women lead hip-hop into its next wave and really inspire the world through the divine feminine … not only through the feminine, but also meeting our male peers and inspiring them to meet us where we are and help elevate the globe through powerful messages and aesthetic. Hip hop is something that started off conveying strong messages of truth and sparking new-wave thought. I see it flowing back into that and creating space for a new generation of artists to lead the next renaissance. I think from a local perspective, there are some talented queens killing it that are leading this new West Coast resurgence. DJ Carisma is a pioneer for that. Women like Hippie Trap Goddess, Mila Meru, Alia Xin and Aste Marie are all gifted ladies coming through with that divine empowered flow.

“Cannabis is a part of everything that I am. From so many perspectives, it has inspired my art and entire mission. I use the herb to spark creativity and guide me to deeper parts of my heart and spirit.”


How has cannabis affected you life and/or your creative process?

Cannabis is a part of everything that I am. From so many perspectives, it has inspired my art and entire mission. I use the herb to spark creativity and guide me to deeper parts of my heart and spirit. I use CBD when I’ve been grinding and just want to relax my body. Sativa get my juices flowing and so many million dollar ideas for me while indica helps me decompress and meditate easily. I use ganja everyday in ritual. It serves as my medicine, my guide, my healer and my inspiration in so many ways. Some nights I dim the lights, toke on a joint of Marley [Natural] CBD, and dance to Frank Ocean in the mirror all night. Cannabis has really given me the chance to explore my sensuality in so many ways. I like to take my time, break it down with intention so I feel the frosty trichomes in between my fingertips. I set some new intentions and ask the medicine to provide whatever clarity or guidance it has to share with me. Between shoots, studio sessions, events, shows, yoga and everything else that I do, ganja has really allowed me to stay connected to my guides and also helps me stay grounded. I especially love using THC-infused body oils before and after yoga for that overall sense of wellbeing and protection.


How do you feel about legalization so far? Is there anything you think could be done better or differently?

I think with any new changes, there will certainly be some bumps in the road and obstacles to overcome. Changes are still being made, so I’m just going with the flow and not allowing myself to get caught up in the frenzy and confusion. To be honest, from the perspective of someone who works inside of a collective,  there’s a huge element of waste to consider. As an industry, we are already using so much plastic for tubes and containers, but the new law also requires child proof bags which has now added to the plastic problem. It’s only fuel for me to consider how I want to change and how I deal with waste in my own life. Aside from that, the saddest thing for me is no longer having the capacity to give free medicine (known as compassion) to those who truly needed it most. There is a large population of people that live on the street and need their medicine but can’t access it as easily now, especially with the tax increases. This has motivated me to get creative in other ways to extend wellness support to this community. I know there are people working everyday to get these laws updated, even some dispensaries who have figured out ways to still serve this community. I think one of the cool things about legalization is the fact that so many people now want to explore edibles, flower, oils, concentrates and everything else this industry has to offer. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and providing a space for people to learn and ask questions. This has opened me to up to so many opportunities to give consultations, private sessions and also help different healers infuse it into their offerings.

Cannabis seems to be major subject matter for you. How have you previously worked cannabis into your music as a theme?

Oh absolutely! My music is all about living your best life, supporting each other and smoking the finest organic ganja. My first mixtape is called Zen & Kush. I even just released a new song called “Rose Blunts.”

I speak only my truths in my music, so rapping about cannabis and my daily rituals flows naturally. I use the music and events as a platform really to educate people about the spiritual, medicinal qualities of this great herb. I especially enjoy rapping about my love for CBD.


How do you feel the experience of using cannabis can affect people’s lives?

I watch cannabis change lives every single day. It is the gateway to the healing we need as a nation, especially as a planet. Cannabis brings many different people of all ages together and inspires them to be higher, more expanded versions of themselves. When we medicate amongst our peers, we can see each other as mirrors and our reflections more clearly. When we can be in a space to do this, there are no limitations on how creative you can get, especially as a group. I’ve seen people go from taking 13 prescription pills a day to only one or none, all by infusing cannabis into their everyday lives. People are healing in unbelievable ways and finding their purpose through this sacred plant. I think about all the stories I hear about people suffering from illness, migraines, back pain, arthritis, lupus, depression and so many other things and all the wonderful things CBD alone has done for these. I’ve seen cannabis, first hand, cure these ailments and change the course of people’s lives. When you’re healthy, you can operate at your maximum capacity and live your wildest dreams. Many people, especially in this country, are suffering and living in pain everyday. I think about the fact that if more people had the education, they can really step into a vibration that will allow them to live their best lives.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Aside from the new single “West” that just dropped on my SoundCloud page, I’ll be releasing my next mixtape, West Coast Enchanted, on 4/20. I also curate and host a monthly experience called Zen & Kush. It is an experiential art show that focuses on the art self healing. Through mediums like reiki healing, sensual massage, exotic dance, raw vegan food and live music, people are able to explore in a safe, sacred container. It not only provides a platform for creatives to come connect and share their medicine, but it also provides a space for people to get the exact healing they need. Attendees are able to connect with medicine, women and men, and learn all about the glorious benefits and effects of cannabis and so many other blissful healing herbs. There is an infused tea lounge that offers a variety of herbal delights. There’s even a beautiful CBD cacao ceremony offered before the live music begins. It’s truly a celestial vibe.

Band Name: Lizzy Jeff

Genre: Hip-hop

Location: Los Angeles, California

Most Recent/Upcoming Album: Westcoast Enchanted