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Letter from the Editor

Staying Cool and Concentrated




There are plenty of reasons to love the month of July. First of all, it’s our nation’s birthday month (242 years and counting). Second, relaxing summer vacations to tropical destinations are in full swing. And finally, we’re keeping cool poolside with blended drinks and vape pens in hand. But of course, it’s also the cannabis community’s time to celebrate the ever-evolving world of concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates, from the original choice of hash to more modern developments like distillates, are important staples in the cannabis community. Serving as some of the strongest forms of medication for the sick, as well as the most potent or discreet recreational tools for everyday consumers, we have so much to celebrate on July 10, also known as 710, the famous oil-based holiday.

At CULTURE, we’ve had the pleasure of dedicating our annual July issue to the art of concentrates, year after year. From educating beginners to keeping you up-to-date with the hottest trends in dabbing, vaping, tools of the trade and everything in between, there’s no end to the way concentrates are progressing.

As one of the most epic issues of the year, we present an exclusive interview with one of the most iconic hip-hop artists whose name is synonymous with cannabis culture—the one and only Wiz Khalifa. As Khalifa gets ready to drop his album this month, Rolling Papers 2, as well as kick off his summertime “Dazed & Blazed” tour, July couldn’t be a more perfect time to celebrate one of the biggest names in rap music.

As always, our OIL Issue will entertain and educate you about all things concentrates. Discover the hottest new tools that serve to elevate your 710 celebrations. Further your understanding of how and why terpenes are the biggest trend in consuming oils and sauce. Appreciate the beauty of concentrates courtesy the artists and professionals who take the craft to a whole new level of artisanship. Let our beginner’s guide ensure you’re in-the-know about the latest developments in concentrate trends and technology. Most importantly, it will help you focus on safety and responsibility during this special holiday.


Happy dabbing, friends!


Jamie Solis